Come on People, Get a Clue

Come on People, Get a Clue

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March 29, 2020

We’ve all seen it on TV and in the news. There are some leaders doing a really good job. But in some cases, the idiocy and lack of leadership is truly astounding. Self-congratulatory rhetoric and a continual stream of contradictory misinformation is not helpful. But even in the face of the contradictory information from our leaders, we still can and should be using some common sense. During this time of crisis, people should be working together for the common good, not taking sides and fighting with each other. Granted, we would not be in this crisis if we had better leadership, but here we are. So let’s all step up, take some responsibility for ourselves, and do what is right.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease probably spread by breathing (including talking, coughing, and sneezing), so treat it as such. From the beginning, at CDC we have recommended wearing masks, for everyone. You should not go out and be around other people without a mask, whether you think you are sick or not. This disease can be spread by people when they are infected but are not sick. So everyone should be wearing masks any time they are around other people — especially when they are not sick. Of course, staying home and away from other people is best. But if you have to go out, wear a mask. Exactly what kind of mask you wear is less important than just wearing something. Yes, some masks are better than others, but anything is better than nothing, and even a homemade mask is quite effective. A mask is also a very good reminder to not touch your face.

Should you be washing your hands? Of course you should. Not necessarily to prevent spreading the disease, but to help prevent you catching it due to other people’s stupidity. If an infected person who is not wearing a mask breathes, coughs, or sneezes on something, and then you touch it and pick your nose, you can infect yourself. So, yes, wash your hands before picking your nose.

COVID-19 affects everyone. No one is immune. It is not just a disease for the elderly and unhealthy. Almost everyone will catch it. The only difference between one person and the next is how seriously you will get sick. So even if you are in a low risk category for getting seriously sick, do your part to prevent spreading the disease. It’s not a matter of if you will catch it or not — it is a matter of when. The vast majority of people will only have mild symptoms. But for the sake of those who might get more seriously sick, the goal is for everyone to delay getting sick to allow the hospitals to catch up and not get overwhelmed.

While this post may sound extremely harsh, please know that at CDC we genuinely care about the health and safety of everyone. Sometimes we all need a dose of tough love. We created this church to be of benefit and service to all. It is because we care so deeply that we are sending out this plea to everyone.

Stay home, save lives. Spread the word, not the virus. Wear a mask.

Health, peace and love to all,
Pastor Dave
Celebration Discovery Church

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