Coronavirus COVID-19 Help

We have a lot of information and advice available to help you cope with this pandemic in our blog posts. If you need prayer or just a place to vent or share your frustrations, visit our Blessings page.

The world is dealing with a crisis and we want to help people stay calm and attack this virus with positive solutions. The purpose of this page is to develop a network of resources. People need basic supplies such as food, toilet paper, diapers, masks, soap, etc. and these things are in short supply in many places.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler and have supplies in stock, please give us the link to your website. We’ll post it here so people can find you.

If you’re in dire straits and need something, you can post it here and we’ll try and put you in touch with someone who can help.

Also, we want you to have sources of information you can trust. Please don’t get your information from social media or inflammatory sites. Here are links to sites with reliable information:

If you want to donate to the global initiative: