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Life is Tough, Let’s Have Fun

Life’s burdens are much easier to bear when shared with others. If you face every crisis in life alone, eventually it will become too much to handle. That is why people turn to drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors. Sometimes people feel guilt ridden because they caused their unhappy circumstances. Sometimes people become bitter and angry because someone or something else caused their circumstances. People need an escape when life becomes too tough to handle. People need more FUN in their lives and we like to Celebrate.

We are no exception. We feel your pain. The founders of Celebration are no strangers to heartache and tough times. Whether you are experiencing emotional, financial, physical, relational or other issues, we can relate. That is why Celebration exists. We learned early on in life that by helping and being of service to others, we helped ourselves in the process. We also learned the importance of not taking life too seriously.

We Care

There are still good people in the world who care. It may seem as if the world has become a “me” society and that no one cares what happens to anyone else, but it is not true. Good people like to meet other good people and know that even small efforts can create great change in people’s minds, hearts and lives. Change begins with one thought that turns into one action that then turns into a movement when enough people get on board.

Celebration also cares deeply for others. We have many different programs and ways to help. Please visit our Outreach page for more information.

Another Church? Really?

With all of the churches in the world, do we really need one more church? Why did we create Celebration? Because we were seeking fellowship and we couldn’t find an organization that suited our needs. The founders of the church both studied religions throughout their lives and didn’t fit in anywhere. Both were raised as Catholics as children. They don’t condemn Catholicism; it simply wasn’t a good fit for them. They then went on separate spiritual journeys seeking enlightenment and education regarding theology and spirituality. Their quests took them to Atheism, Buddhism, many versions of Christianity, Judaism, Native Spirituality, Taoism, Wicca and many others. They both came away with different understandings and beliefs, but realized there is a common thread that joins all people. The irony is, the more they studied religion, the further away they grew from “church”.

Why do people go to church?

Most people go because their parents took them when they were a child, and their parents took them when they were children. Many people don’t even know why they are there. Some are there purely out of habit. Some are there because they think it makes them look good to others. Some are there because they are lonely and it is their only connection to the outside world. Some are there just for the coffee and donuts. Some are there to worship a deity. Some grow up, begin questioning why they are there, and leave.

Celebration is DIFFERENT!

The founders of Celebration left traditional church behind a long time ago. They wanted to offer others a comfortable, fun and safe place to gather together without regard to doctrine, dogma or duty. When you come to Celebration, no one is going to preach to you. No one is going to condemn you and no one is going to tell you that your beliefs are right or wrong. No one is going to look at you weird, no matter what color you are, what you are wearing or what your lifestyle choice is. What we will do is offer you tools to help you make up your own mind and decide what is right for you. We will also give you the opportunity to simply relax and have a good time for a while at one of our parties.

What do we do?

Celebration doesn’t operate like traditional churches. Celebration doesn’t have one pastor that gives a sermon each week. Celebration doesn’t sing hymns. Celebration has variety and brings in guest speakers from all different faiths and walks of life. We offer presentations similar to TED talks. We differ from TED in that our topics of discussion are not restricted to technology, entertainment and design. Our topics are unlimited, include religions and spirituality, and may include any subject that is of interest to those in attendance. They are insightful and thought provoking. One week we may bring in a monk, the next a scientist, the next who knows? Also TED does not allow Q&A at the end of the presentation and we encourage questions. (Please visit our Discover page.)

We then join together for food, drinks and music (live, whenever possible). For those who like to dance, we have dancing, too. We take the word “Celebration” seriously. If a member has a life event to Celebrate, everyone gets to join the party. Do you like music, dancing and/or theme parties? So do we! Do you have an idea for a fun party? Great! Let’s do it together.

We love music!

Music is a very important part of Celebration’s gatherings. Music knows no boundaries and has long united people of different races and backgrounds. When people are joined together celebrating an artist’s gifts, there is an immediate sense of harmony and unity. We also like to celebrate a variety of talent from different musical genres. If you are a performing artist (musician and/or singer), we’d be honored to have you share your talents with us. (Please see our Perform page.)

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What do we Believe?

Please review our Tenets (Statements of Beliefs).

What is our Mission / Vision?

Please review our Mission Statement.

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We Need You

Celebration needs you and wants you. We want people to stop hating. We want people to stop bullying. We want people to stop killing one another. We want people to stop looking the other way when they see someone being harmed. Get involved. Care. Make a difference. Volunteer.

The most important factor is YOU. We cannot exist without the love, help and support of others. If you would like to be a part of something special, please join us today. You matter, you are welcome, you are accepted, and you are wanted.

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