Don’t Divide…Unite

At Celebration, we believe in giving back to the community and uniting people through our Outreach programs ministry. By serving others, we in turn, serve ourselves. There is so much need in the world that sometimes it feels like a small effort won’t make enough of a difference, so people just don’t bother. People think that because they can only afford to donate $10 or even $1, it won’t help. It is the small act of kindness that can quickly grow into a major movement of change. It only takes a few people to ignite the fires of change.

Here is an example of the types of Outreach programs we have created and/or support:

  • Affordable Housing Ministry – It is our goal to secure inexpensive properties that can be renovated to provide housing for those in dire circumstances.
  • Animal Rescues – We believe it is a crime to abuse any animal. We also believe it is wrong to euthanize millions of animals each day. Education, neutering and spaying can prevent this practice. We partner with animal rescue organizations for fundraising.
  • Arts in Schools – Many schools are reducing or completely eliminating funding for all arts programs. We believe this is a travesty and that arts are essential for students. We hold fundraisers to raise money to keep these programs alive.
  • Diversity Training – By bringing people of different backgrounds and lifestyles together, we have opened a dialogue to break down barriers and remove biases, bigotry, hatred and prejudices.
  • Elder Assistance – Many elderly people have no family members, are shut away in nursing homes and no one ever visits them. They don’t drive, have no way to leave and sit in their rooms waiting to die.
  • Music Ministry – Our music program helps everyone. It provides work to talented artists who have a difficult time finding work and entertainment and fun to those in attendance. Music unites everyone of all ages, lifestyles, races and religions.
  • Veterans Assistance – Veterans face a myriad of challenges after returning home from deployments. Some have serious physical disabilities, others face mental challenges, and many are dealing with both. A small act of kindness and word of appreciation for their sacrifices can go a long way to help them. 
  • Widows Assistance – After the death of a spouse, many elderly women have no idea how to survive. Even if they are left a sum of money, they usually end up with nothing within a few years of their husband’s passing. Many don’t know how to manage money and their homes fall into states of extreme disrepair.

You can make a huge difference in someone’s life by Volunteering with us.

If you work for an organization that throws away food, clothing, furniture or other useful items, please consider donating so that we can put the unwanted items to good use. Your donations to us are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law for the fair market value of the goods.

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