Meet Our Leadership Team

Reverend Rose is the Lead Pastor and founder of Celebration.

Reverend Rose

Reverend Rose began her spiritual journey at a young age. She was exposed to many different religions and explored many paths before deciding that no one religion had all of the answers she was seeking. God showed her a vision of the perfect church, but she never could find it in reality.

Churches should exist purely to promote fellowship, healing, support and love. They should unite people, not divide, nor condemn. In this negative, self-obsessed world, we all need an outlet and somewhere we can feel supported and connected. That is why Rev. Rose founded Celebration.

Rev. Rose has always enjoyed teaching. She loves to inspire people to ask questions. It is through questions that minds and hearts are opened to knowledge and other points of view leading to greater depths of acceptance and understanding.

Rev. Rose is a very experienced public speaker. If your organization is interested in an engaging speaker, Rose is available to speak on a wide range of thought-provoking topics.

Rev. Rose is outgoing, creative and has vision. Rose believes Celebration can be a catalyst for change…one mind, one heart, one life at a time.

You may reach Rev. Rose at

Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave is a co-pastor of Celebration.

Dave is excited to be a part of Celebration. Celebration offers something you cannot find anywhere else. Dave hopes you will love being a part of Celebration as much as he does.

Don’t let Dave’s quiet demeanor fool you. Dave is only quiet because he thinks so quickly and analyzes everything. He loves to find solutions to problems. If you need help with anything, Dave probably has a resolution.

You may reach pastor Dave at