Tenets (Statements of Beliefs)

The Tenets of Celebration Discovery Church (“CDC”) are not rules that are intended to tell anyone what to believe, but rather, are statements of beliefs offered to anyone interested in personal and/or spiritual growth at CDC. The statements are not presented in any particular order and one is not more important than any other. CDC is a radically all-faith, interfaith and no-faith organization.

All are welcome at CDC, provided their presence does not impede anyone else’s spiritual growth and/or enlightenment.

Celebration Discovery Church beliefs we believe in making a difference

The Tenets are:

  1. No one has the right to tell anyone else what they should believe, (or even if they should believe in anything).
  2. Enlightenment and spiritual growth are personal paths. Each person is responsible for their own enlightenment and spiritual growth.
  3. Enlightenment requires knowledge from various sources and diverse experiences. (Enlightenment cannot be achieved by reading one book or attending one church. There is value in exploring many different religions and faiths.)
  4. Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive; a belief in one does not cancel out a belief in the other.
  5. Freedom of thought and inquiry are inalienable rights that should be exercised.
  6. The best way to attain wisdom or knowledge is to seek it.
  7. The easiest way to achieve growth is to leave yourself open to new experiences.
  8. Intelligence, compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance, responsibility and acceptance are virtues each person should work to develop.
  9. The most powerfully positive motivating force in the universe for human beings is love.
  10. Thoughts and actions create positive or negative consequences. Therefore, each person should assume full responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.
  11. The universe is filled with many wondrous things, energies and powers, some of which can be seen and felt, and some of which cannot.
  12. Life presents countless opportunities for celebration. There is joy in celebrating even the smallest gifts in life.
Celebration Discovery Church beliefs choose joy