Religions have been around for a long time.

Religion is an incredibly vast subject. It is impossible to sum up the impact religion has historically had on human beings, and continues to date. Archeologists, theologians and scholars agree that evidence of religion dates back at least 100,000 and perhaps even 300,000 years. There are cave paintings that are tens of thousands of years old that depict gods and religious rituals. Since written language has only been around for approximately 5,000 years, the ancient evidence is subject to widespread interpretation as to what the artists’ intents were in their depictions.

What is the purpose of religion?

Religion seeks to explain many factors of life, including explanations for the creation of the universe, origins of life, our purpose for existence, and naturally occurring phenomena. Human beings have always wondered if there is a higher power behind these things. Religions also seek to provide guidelines for the way we behave, treat one another, and interact with society. At its basic core, religions intended to define the differences between right and wrong and outline our moral compass. Before there were laws, religion provided the constraints to govern us and provide guidelines for acceptable behavior.

Religions affect us all.

Whether you are a person of devout faith, an atheist, or something in between, the concepts of spirituality, organized religion and morality affect us all. They produce cultural constructs, power dynamics and historical narratives. Religions were intended to produce ethical reform, philosophical innovation and the advancement of social justice. Sadly, religions have resulted in biases, hatred, misunderstanding, murder, prejudice, and wars. Whether you believe in God or you don’t, hopefully you can agree that you cannot conceive of any God that would want people killing each other in the name of God or a religion. There cannot be a more wrong reason for killing someone.

We want to unite people.

At Celebration, we want to bring people together from all beliefs, faiths and religions. By opening up a dialogue we know that we can change people’s opinions and perceptions. There simply is no valid reason why people of different beliefs, faiths and religions cannot coexist peacefully and happily. By simply acknowledging that just because someone has a different perspective than you, that person is no more right or wrong than you, no better, no worse, you open up your mind and your heart to greater levels of acceptance.

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Artwork by Vik Kainth

Come and learn with us.

We offer fun and interesting ways to learn about the religions of the world. You may discover that you have been following a religion your entire life that you don’t really agree with. You may discover that religion has no place in your life. We offer you the tools to make your own informed decisions.

Let’s explore something new together.

We have many educational programs available. If you are interested, please let us know. It would be our pleasure to help you explore, discover, learn and grow.

Does religion have a place in your life? If so, which religion is truly right for you?

At Celebration, we want to help you find where religion belongs in your life, or even if it belongs in your life. By offering enjoyable educational programs, we are trying to help people put their beliefs where they best fit. Far too many times, people are raised in a religion that is actually wrong for them. Many people find themselves conflicting with what their supposed religious doctrine says and what they actually believe.

Religion should not be about following or believing what you are told by others. It is more about you finding peace within yourself. You can and do get to choose what you think or believe is right. You do not have to just blindly follow others or what others have told you. We want you to be happy with whatever path you have chosen.