Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave is a co-pastor and founding member of Celebration.

Like most of us, Dave had a traditional religious upbringing. He attended a Catholic school and attended church with his family. From a young age he knew that many of the teachings did not seem right to him. At the time, Dave didn’t know exactly why church didn’t feel comfortable, but he never felt a sense of belonging there. As Dave got older, he began studying other religions and spirituality, in general. The more he learned, the less interested he became in having an affiliation with the church.

Dave left organized religion and traditional doctrine behind a long time ago. He is a very open-minded and accepting person. Dave is, by no means, a traditional pastor. Dave will never lecture or preach to you. Dave will teach you and discuss things with you. He is extremely intuitive and genuinely cares about other people.

Don’t let Dave’s quiet demeanor fool you. Dave is only quiet because he thinks so quickly and analyzes everything. He loves to find solutions to problems. If you need help with anything, Dave probably has a resolution.

Dave is excited to be a part of Celebration. Celebration offers something you cannot find anywhere else. Dave hopes you will love being a part of Celebration as much as he does.

You may reach pastor Dave at

Reverend Rose

Reverend Rose is the Lead Pastor and co-founder of Celebration.

Reverend Rose questions everything and has a rebellious spirit. Rose had a traditional religious upbringing as a child. She frequently found herself being scolded for asking too many questions. Some religions simply expect you to accept things on “faith” and expect you to act according to doctrine. Logical questions are not welcomed, nor responded to with logical responses.

Rose left her family’s church at a young age and began going to different churches with friends each week. This exposed her to new ways of thinking, new experiences and fueled her interest in exploring many of the world’s religions and aspects of spirituality.

Rose had always dreamed of finding the perfect “church” home, but never could. She conducted an exhaustive search lasting many years in search of the right faith and home for her. There was always something missing, boring, contradictory to her beliefs, lackluster or even offensive. Rose envisioned Celebration decades before it came to fruition. Celebration is the product of taking the best of what spirituality has to offer without the restrictive trappings of religion.

Pastor Rose loves romance and weddings. If you are getting married, she would be honored to officiate at your wedding. Celebration is completely open to celebrating any type of union between couples in love. There are no boundaries here; let your imagination run wild and we will help bring your vision to life.

Pastor Rose is a very experienced public speaker. If your organization is interested in an engaging speaker, Rose is available to speak on a wide range of thought-provoking topics.

Rose is outgoing, creative and has vision. Rose believes Celebration can be a catalyst for change…one mind, one heart, one life at a time.

You may reach pastor Rose at