Frequently Asked Questions:

Many of our members do, and some do not. Some of our members have differing views of who/what God is.

  • You sound a lot like Sunday Assembly (“SA”)? Are you like SA, and if not, how do you differ from them?

Sunday Assembly is a secular group that was founded in England by two atheists. Most of the people who attend SA are atheists and that is not necessarily the case with Celebration. Our members have many different types of spiritual and religious beliefs, as well as atheists. SA does not teach, study, or discuss religions of any kind. We believe in promoting education in all forms and being inclusive, not exclusive. We do support SA’s motto of “Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More”.

  • Do you teach the Bible?

No, we do not regularly teach the Bible. We may occasionally have a guest speaker who may reference the Bible if it is appropriate for the discussion that day. We are open to exploring all religions.

  • I am a Christian and my same-sex partner is an Atheist; will we both REALLY be welcome at Celebration?

Yes, absolutely. We truly are a diverse group and everyone is welcome. We are working diligently to promote unconditional acceptance and harmony.

  • Do I have to dress up if I come to Celebration?

No, absolutely not; you can wear anything you like to our gatherings.

  • What kinds of community service do you provide?

Please visit our Outreach page to read about our various programs.

  • Are your pastors licensed ministers who perform weddings?

Yes, absolutely! It would be our honor to officiate at your wedding. Please visit our Weddings page for more information.

  • You sound like a fun group of people and I’d like to join you. Where and when do you meet?

Please visit our Events page to see when and where we are meeting next.  Please sign up for our email list if you’d like to be notified of our meetings.

Still have questions? Please contact us: